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Referring Doctors

We are pleased you have chosen our office to provide comprehensive periodontal and implant treatment to your patients. The best and most efficient way to help us accommodate your patient is by filling out the referral form below, and by calling our office at 713-790-0288 to schedule your patient’s appointment while they are still in your office. However, we are more than happy, once we have received the referral form by fax or mail, to contact your patient directly. We appreciate the sending of a completed referral form to our office by fax (713-790-0289), by mail (1513 W Dallas St. 100 Houston, TX 77019), or with the patient, along with the appropriate radiographs, to allow us to better serve you and your patient.

Each treatment plan is tailored to address the periodontal needs of the patient and the doctor’s treatment philosophy. All of our treatment is completed with a team approach and we pride ourselves on following each case through to the end. The most successful and fulfilling cases are often the ones that require the most coordination and communication. With this in mind, it is important that in your day to day routine these forms of communication are informative and effective. We understand that everyone communicates differently, and would appreciate any feedback from you in order to make this process work best for all parties.