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Dental Implants

Embarrassed by missing, loose, or failing teeth?

You deserve to smile with confidence. Find out today if dental implants are right for you. Dr. Lauren Brownfield is a board certified periodontist, completing three additional years of specialized training in dental implants. Our office also offers oral and IV sedation, so that you can receive your treatment in comfort.

Dental implants are a safe and predictable way to replace one or more missing teeth, and prevent the loss of bone and gums that takes place after tooth loss. Bite, chew, laugh, and smile with confidence!

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Dental Implants are an exciting and effective way to replace missing teeth. One dental implant can be used to restore a single lost or congenitally missing tooth, or several implants can be used to help with any combination of fixed bridges and removable or fixed dentures. Dental implants are the most advanced tooth replacement system available today, and their placement prevents bone and gum tissue loss that often takes place after tooth loss. This bone and tissue loss can give a “sunken-in” look (or older appearance). Placing an implant can also preserve the adjacent teeth by removing the need to cut the adjacent teeth down for a bridge or crown placement. Plus, dental implants will never develop decay or need a root canal. Although implants take time, the results are the closest thing dentistry has to giving patients back their natural teeth. The appearance and function of implants has the ability to improve self-confidence and overall quality of life.


Traditional Implants (Missing Teeth)

In cases where the tooth or teeth are already missing, implants can be placed to restore single or multiple sites with fixed bridges or removable dentures. Traditionally, the implant is left to heal for at least 2-6 months prior to permanent restoration, in order to allow the bone to bond with the implant to ensure the long-term stability of the implant.

Single Tooth Implants

In cases where patients are missing a single tooth, a dental implant combined with a crown is the most natural looking way to replace both the lost tooth and its root. The implant serves as an artificial root, keeping the bone intact by preventing bone and gum loss, as well as preserving the adjacent teeth from being cut down for a bridge. Bridges can be more difficult to clean and therefore can be more prone to decay (caries).

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If you are interested in a natural and healthy looking dental option for a single tooth replacement, please contact our Texas Periodontist Dr. Lauren Brownfield in her Houston office at 713.790.0288 for more information.

Replacing Multiple Teeth Implants

In cases where patients are missing multiple teeth, dental implants can replace both the lost teeth and their roots. Implant supported bridges are permanently fixed and will not move around in your mouth like removable partial dentures.

If you are interested in a natural and healthy looking dental option for replacing several teeth, please contact our Texas Periodontist Dr. Lauren Brownfield in his Houston office at 713-790-0288 at for more information.

Replacing All Teeth

In cases where patients are missing all of their teeth either on the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both, dental implants can replace all of these teeth instead of using traditional removable dentures. Dental implants increase stability and chewing power, enhancing you ability to speak and smile with confidence. In selected cases, the need for dentures can be completely eliminated, or a full set of teeth can be delivered, in one day.

Teeth In One Visit

Teeth in one visit is a great treatment option for most patients, replacing one tooth, multiple teeth, or a full set of teeth in one visit. This state-of-the-art computer guided procedure uses the patient’s CT image (a special 3D radiograph) and implant planning software to plan the implant placement and fabricate the restoration prior to your appointment, allowing you to leave your appointment with your new teeth.


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